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Predictive analytics

Status Update: Predictive Analytics for Hotels

What’s the one question every hotel owner, director, and revenue manager on Earth wants to ask about Big Data and predictive analytics? “Where’s the proof?” This is what’s missing from every conference presentation, and ever marketing pitch for tech tools that will jump start the new business intelligence (BI). For those in need of such […]

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Museum of Illusions

Museum of Illusions Opens in Barcelona

A new Museum of Illusions has opened in Barcelona. Its address: Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 17. The museum, developed by the same people responsible for the museums of optical illusions in Moscow, and St. Petersburg, is a place where photography is not just encouraged, but it becomes part of an interactive experience like no other: […]

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Building a data analysis ecosystem

Solving the Big Data Analytics Riddle for Hotels

Hotels and other hospitality oriented businesses have received the message, big data analytics can solve for major business challenges from price optimization, to predicting touristic flows. However compelling this new realm may be for current and future operations though, not all big data solutions add the same value.

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