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2013 Air Guitar Championships - MAIJU TORVINEN

Air Guitar World Championships 2014

For those Baby Boomers out there who remember playing Led Zepplin’s Stairway to Heaven on the guitar, without a guitar, the “Air Guitar World Championships” in Oula, Finland should be on your bucket list.

Eastern Europe

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Scandic Poland Hotels Raise Enviro Bar

The Scandic hotel chain in Poland become the first there to meet the European Union’s environmental criteria. Scandic Wroclaw and Scandic Gdansk having just received their EU Ecolabel certification.

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Ignazio Marino

Rome Mayor Incensed Over Brit Travel Warning

In answer to a British Foreign Office warning to vacationers headed to Rome, the mayor of the city punches back condemning the warning as misinformation. According to the news, Mayor Ignazio Marino says London is a far more dangerous place to visit than Rome.

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Interstate Hotels & Resorts Adds Eight Europe Hotels

Leading US hotel management company, Interstate Hotels & Resorts has just announced having opened or signed eight new hotels in the European and CIS markets. The properties, spread across the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Belarus and Kazakhstan, are all under top international franchise brands.

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