A Classic Ice Climb in Norway’s Rjukan Valley

Norway ice climb Via subflux

Norway is a beautiful location to go climbing, and there’s a huge variety of locations on offer. One of the best is Rjukan Valley. It’s part of Southern Norway, in the Telemark region, and it consists of a small town, an old power plant dating back to WWII, and a ravine between the two.

France’s SNCF Orders Trains That Are Just Too “FAT” for Comfort


Many people consider the way the French government operates peculiar at times. The idea officials there trying to fit square pegs in round holes took new impetus recently when it was desciovered new trains ordered by French train operator SNCF were actually too “fat” to fit into many train stations. The order, for some 2,000 new trains costing in excess of €15 billion euros, has to be modified, reportedly at a cost of millions.