The Seychelles: a Barefoot Luxury

Me, once with it all

There they are – the Seychelles, hidden in the midst of turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, – one of the most luxurious destinations for true relaxation. Today only about 30 Islands – out of 117 – are inhabited, and 12 of which serve as Hotel Islands each , with villas scattered within the greenery of the tropical forest. These heavenly sites are especially popular among various celebrities because there is something that can only be found in a few places on Earth – a luxurious retreat.

Expert tips for the Himalayas: Trekking beyond expectations

The Himalayas

Everyone should experience at least one in a lifetime the thrills of hiking the world’s highest and most challenging mountain peak. Ever since George Everest set foot for the very first time on Himalaya’s highest peak back in 1865, people around the world have started developing a passion for this sort of travel experience. Extreme trekking though, is not for everybody. Fortunately, there are many accessible paths you can explore and thus benefit from a memorable experience. Prior to venturing yourself into the wild, here are useful tips that will ensure that your journey exceeds expectations.

Unique and Colorful Singapore


The island nation of Singapore is an economically prosperous scenic “traveler’s paradise”. On the map it looks rather small, but in fact it has an intricate collection of attractions and it can take weeks to visit most of the small country’s primary attractions. It’s multicultural, prosperous, but a country with strict laws.

Tui – All Set to Merge

Tui Travel banner

News yesterday from Fritz Joussen, CEO of the travel company Tui, reveals the Hannover, Germany company and its British subsidiary TUI Travel PLC moving forward to a proposed merger to form the world’s biggest tourism entity. With some 74 000 Employees and a market capitalization of over €6,5 Billion Euros, TUI will dwarf the competition.

Estonia Travel: Feeling the Gut Punch of Sanctions

Welcome to Estonia

A poll taken last month in Estonia reveals the serious impact the Russia sanctions are having on tourism businesses there. According to the poll, the counter sanctions by Russia’s Putin have affected one in five businesses there. Russian tourists represent a big percentage of Estonia travelers, and many fear increased tensions will gut the travel trade there.

Travelport Adds e-Travel Technologies

Travelport logo

Travelport and e-Travel Technologies have just penned an agreement to bolster the former’s travel risk management services with duty of care solutions for the corporate travel market. e-Travel’s portfolio include; travel alerts, travel advisories, and travel tracker databases. These will now be made available globally to Travelport-connected travel agents.

A Classic Ice Climb in Norway’s Rjukan Valley

Norway ice climb Via subflux

Norway is a beautiful location to go climbing, and there’s a huge variety of locations on offer. One of the best is Rjukan Valley. It’s part of Southern Norway, in the Telemark region, and it consists of a small town, an old power plant dating back to WWII, and a ravine between the two.