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Warlikowski’s Erotic Hit Lulu Comes to La Monnaie

Following his roaring successes with productions of theatrical hits Macbeth and Meadea, legendary Polish director Krzysztof Warlikowski is now hoping to make it third time lucky when he returns to La Monnaie with the premiere of his newest production – Lulu by Alban Berg.


Krystof Warlikowski returns to La Monnaie. image by Daniel Kruczynski via flickr.com

Warlikowski’s previous productions in Brussels caused quite a stir with the Belgian press, with critics divided over whether or not the controversial performances merited the attention they received. Most were rather appreciative of the musical aspect of the shows, but perhaps less so of the numerous ‘formal tricks’ interspersed with the performances.

Now, critics are eagerly anticipating Warlikowski’s latest showing, which will see him team up with the renowned English conductor Paul Daniel once again. Taking the lead role of Lulu meanwhile, will be the duo of Kerstin Avemo and Barbara Hannigan, performing alternately. Also accompanying the performance will be the La Monnaie Symphony Orchestra.

Lulu by Alban Berg. Image via lamonnaie.be

For those who don’t know about Lulu, Alan Berg’s creation is renowned as one of the most erotic and scandalous operas of recent times, and tells the story of the compaser’s secret love for Hanna Fuchs-Robertin. Berg actually died before completing the piece, and it was only after Freidrich Cerh completed the script following the death of Berg’s wife in 1964 that it became known, being staged for the first time in 1976.

Warlikowski’s production of Lulu has been penned in for 10 showings at La Monnaie this season, and will precede performances by two other famous Polish composers this season; Mariusz Treliński, who debuts at La Monnaie with his production of Manon Lescaut by Giacomo Puccini, and Michał Znaniecki, who is set to direct a new production of Karol Szymanowski’s King Roger to the Bilbao Opera.