FashionTV Black Sea Model Awards Hit Romania

Romania's Irina State - Courtesy her Facebook

The magnificent Mamaia, Romania, beach resort plays host next weekend to one of the best international model competitions this summer. The FashionTV Black Sea Model Awards, where over 40 models will compete, is the fourth in a string of competitions set on the biggest fashion stage in Europe. This year’s competition, which begins August 16th, […]

Văcărești Becomes the First Urban Natural Park in Romania

Parcul Natural Văcărești

The area surrounding Lake Văcărești in Bucharest, a 183 hectares stretch of green, has been declared by the Romanian government a protected area of national interest, and named Văcăreşti Natural Park. The General Council of Bucharest approved the decision on April 29, with a majority of 41 votes and 4 abstentions. This makes Bucharest the […]

Pitești Sings a Tulip Symphony


For residents and visitors of Pitești, a beautiful Romanian city on the Argeș River, this weekend is a weekend of surprising colors, music, lights, and… flowers. Starting today, till Sunday, Pitești reenacts the “Tulip Symphony,” this year at its 37th edition.

Romanian actor Radu Beligan awarded by the Guinness Book of Records


Romanian actor Radu Beligan entered the Guinness Book of Records as the longest living actor still on the theatrical stage at age of 95. On December 15, the actor who celebrated his 95 years on stage, was awarded with the title of longest-living actor still in activity on a theatrical stage by Guinness Book of […]