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Norwegian Breakaway Hull Gets Peter Max Art

On Friday Norwegian Cruise Line announced a unique hull artwork design for coming cruiser 4,000 passenger Norwegian Breakaway. Slated to be the largest cruise ship to home port in New York City, Breakaway’s hull will be etched with artwork by America’s most popular artist, Peter Max.

Norwegian Breakaway

Norwegian Breakaway - courtesy the website

The signature hull artwork to be designed by Max will adorn Norwegian Breakaway when she launches in April 2013. According to the press from Norwegian, the artwork will cover the roughly 40,000 square feet of Norwegian Breakaway’s hull, a canvas even Max is proud to exclaim about:

“While it has been an honour to have my art exhibited in museums and galleries, I have also enjoyed creating giant ‘canvases’ for public view, including my 600 ft. Woodstock stage, a giant World’s Fair mural, the body of a Continental 777 super jet, and now, the hull of Norwegian Breakaway.”

Supposedly a composite of New York Cit’s iconic Statue of Liberty, the Manhattan skyline, a giant sunburst, planets, stars, and even  musical notes, the will be colorful to the extreme.  Norwegian Breakaway will become a floating artwork a total “breakaway” from anything traditional on the seas. For more info on this fabulous new cruise ship, please visit the official site of Norwegian Breakaway here.

We leave you with video from Norwegian Breakaway, a preview of the marvelous ship to come.