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Latvia Wins the World’s Most Beautiful Country Vote

Challenging a bit the classical idea of beauty, Latvia has been chosen as the world’s most beautiful country by an online competition released last month by First Choice.

Winter in Riga.

Both Twitter and Pinterest users agreed that the Baltic country with its lavish capital, Riga, has the most spectacular scenery of all, offering it an amazing 36 percent of the vote so far.

Usually, when it comes to sequence the world’s most appealing countries, many may turn to tropical landscapes sprinkled with pristine beaches and magical sunsets, but it looks like Easter Europe’s unusual charm has managed to conquer the world.


Latvia, Wikipedia

Latvia was followed by Mexico occupying the second place with 11 percent of the vote and Turkey, the third with 5 percent. Moreover, countries such as Indonesia, United Kingdom and Italy have made it into the top 5. Croatia and Greece were also in the top. Here are the latest results:

First Choice’ Picks for Top 20 Most Beautiful Countries in The World

1 –  Latvia
2 –  Mexico
3 –  Turkey
4 –  Indonesia
5 –  United Kingdom
6 –  Italy
7 –  New Zealand
8 –  Brazil
9 –  India
10 – Canada
11 – Ireland
12 – United States of America
13 – Croatia
14 – Switzerland
15 – Australia
16 – Colombia
17 – Greece
18 – Peru
19 – Portugal
20 – France

Firs Choice asked travelers to pin images with their favorite countries on Pinterest and then it lined up a section of expert judges to decide on the most creative board, and to determine the winner. On the other hand, Twitter users have described their favorites by joining the hashtag #conflictofpinterest conversation.

Located on the Baltic Sea’s shore, in the northeastern part of Europe, Latvia is one of the continent’s least discovered destinations. With a fleeting post-Soviet image, beautiful sceneries, green nature, an exciting capital, medieval castles, lovely coastline, historical buildings and charming little towns, Latvia is an all-year round destination calling out to nature enthusiasts, cultural travelers, party goers as well as any kind of tourists, holding something for everyone.

Check out the competition here: http://blog.firstchoice.co.uk/conflict-of-pinterest-infographic/#/map

Turaida Castle

Turaida Castle – Latvia, Wikipedia