Two Girls visit Crete: Part II

Diana and Ruxandra in Crete

In part two of mine and my friend Diana Abu-Zuaiter’s adventures in Crete takes us to the west of the island and some more luxury, and sandy beach immersion. On this leg we visted Rethymno and Chania from our Cretan home, Mythos Palace Resort & Spa. Come Experience the magic only Crete offers girl tourists seeking solitude and suntans. Conference & Expo 2014: Meetup with Modern Hospitality Conference & Expo

Coming in early Winter to Athens, this year’s conference promises keen focus for industry experts tuned to the trends and tech that will power hospitality in the year to come. Organized by the experts at Travel Media Applications, international speakers and attendees will converge on Greece’s capital to learn, brainstorm, and connect on travel business trends.

August Is for Celebrating the Garazo Citrus Festival

Orange Grove in the Botanical Park and Gardens, Fournes, Crete

Every year, toward the end of summer, the local villages around Crete celebrate a variety of festive occasions. In the Rethymno area, the tiny village of Garazo is not exception, locals and visitors each year celebrate a wonderful Citrus Festival there. Organized by the Cultural Association of Garazo, participants were treated to our island’s best traditional citrus recipes and more there last weekend.

Dia Island: Ancient Atlantis Reemerges As a Resort?

Prince al Waleed bin [[Talal bin Abdulaziz al Saud]] and his ex wife (cousin) Princess Dalal bint [[Saud bin Abdulaziz]] via Tribes of the World

News Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is interested in Crete as a touristic development bears mixed blessings. The prince, who’s transformed every place he’s invested in quite literally, says he wants to develop the island of Dia, just off Heraklion. But Crete is a special case study in protected antiquity, and Dia may hold secretes the Greeks don”t want destroyed by overzealous development.

Top 10 Chania “In and Out of Town” Attractions

Courtesy Jay Thomas

Crete’s second biggest city, is probably the most well know and picturesque. Chania, a Minoan settlement known to the Greeks as Kydonia, is famous for it’s Venetian Harbor photogenically. The capital of the provence of the same name, Chania is about as iconic a destination as you can imagine. Surrounded by a host of smaller villages and immeasurable natural beauty, the west of Crete’s gem of tourism deserves every accolade. Here’s a bucket list of things any visitor “must see” before leaving this magical Cretan getaway.

Greece Loses Russia Travelers to Agency Flop

Russian travelers

For the Greece tourism sector sanctions against Russia may have already spoiled the end of an otherwise record summer touristic season. At least this is partially true for customers of one of Russia’s largest Greek focused tourism agencies, Labirint. The company, the third to fail in Russia ins the last few months, has put Russian travelers at a disadvantage even though officials say current trips are secure.