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Huge Treasure Discovered Near Ramnicu Valcea, Romania

Over 50 kilograms of Ottoman silver coins were discovered by a local in Goleşti, Valcea county, Romania. These coins are from the beginning of the 15th century, when Sultan Murat the IInd ruled, and the authorities are now recovering this important treasure stated Daniel Barbu, the Culture Minister.

Buried for over six centuries, these coins, called “aspri” or “accee”, are indeed really valuable. In their time, a person could have purchased an important and big property in Wallachia.

The coins circulated in that period in the Ottoman Empire, as well as in the Romanian Countries, Hungary and Italy.

The National Museum of History said that this treasure is the largest hoard of silver found and recovered in Romania and entered into a public collection. After the complete recovery of this hoard, the museum will host a press conference with more details about the treasure.

Also, in the area where this treasure was discovered – by accident – by the local, there will be further archaeological excavation.

It also appears that the local who discovered the treasure and announced the authorities will receive a significant reward after curators will estimate the value of the treasure.

It seems that this period is one with great archaeological discoveries all over the world – as recently in Africa was discovered Gondwana’s oldest land-living creature. There was another important discovery made in Romania recently: a 20,000-year-old stone pendant found in Eastern Romania.