Hyatt Launches “Be More Here” 2024 Global Brand Platform

“Be More Here” complements the reimagined World of Hyatt loyalty program that offers more awards and more ways to experience wellbeing in more destinations.

“Be More Here” enhances the revamped World of Hyatt loyalty programme, providing an array of accolades and diverse avenues to embrace wellness in numerous locations. This includes an exclusive partnership with MasterClass, enriching the hospitality experience.

World of Hyatt’s ethos embraces the essence of living in the present in a world that moves swiftly towards the future, where the pursuit of progress is relentless. By championing the values of care and wellness, the launch of the brand platform aligns seamlessly with the updated World of Hyatt loyalty program, empowering members to accumulate greater rewards, enjoy enhanced options for redemption, and bestow gifts upon their cherished ones. Fostering genuine connections, guests will discover an extensive array of offerings meticulously tailored to accompany them on their individual paths to well-being, each presenting a distinctive approach to nurturing their wellness and enriching their lives.

Encouraging guests to embrace the ethos of “Be More Wanderlust,” “Be More Rewarded,” “Be More Mindful,” or “Be More Immersed,” the “Be More Here” platform represents a novel approach for Hyatt to manifest its care through its expanding global portfolio, re-envisioned World of Hyatt programme enhancements, and distinctive wellbeing encounters.

Hyatt Invites Guests to “Be More Here” with New Global Brand Platform in 2024

Throughout January, the “Be More Here” platform’s creative content will be unveiled across Hyatt’s proprietary social and digital platforms and through paid advertising on digital, social, and video platforms. Additionally, out-of-home promotional materials will be displayed in travel hubs such as airports and on-property touchpoints, including signage, brochures, and in-room televisions.

Be More Here: A New World of Wellbeing

At the core of the “Be More Here” brand platform, Hyatt is enhancing its offerings to promote the well-being of its guests. Positioned as a hospitality enterprise dedicated to nurturing its patrons, Hyatt takes pride in establishing a new benchmark for travel well-being, ensuring that every interaction is purposeful and meaningful. Hyatt is unwavering in its commitment to refreshing current experiences and introducing new ones that foster stronger connections, such as:

  • MasterClass: Hyatt is set to introduce an unprecedented collaboration with MasterClass. This renowned streaming platform offers insights from the world’s most esteemed experts. This partnership will provide guests with global, in-room access to enriching lessons spanning various subjects, including health and wellness, arts and entertainment, business, and culinary arts. This exclusive affiliation will enable Hyatt’s guests and customers to access curated content at over 350 properties worldwide. To mark this collaboration, Hyatt and MasterClass will launch at the Sundance Film Festival 2024, featuring a fireside chat at the World of Hyatt activation space with MasterClass instructor Issa Rae. Further details regarding in-room content, including lessons from Issa Rae’s class, currently available to MasterClass members, will be unveiled as the programme is rolled out globally in early 2024.
  • Headspace: Hyatt has become the sole hospitality provider to offer its members and guests a complimentary selection of soothing sounds from Headspace’s premium coloured noise collection. Accessible through the World of Hyatt App and in-room televisions at over 350 properties across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, these sounds aim to aid guests in focusing, unwinding, and achieving restful sleep.
  • World of Hyatt FIND Experiences: Launched in 2022, Hyatt now boasts over 500 global FIND experiences in 55 locations, meticulously designed to support the well-being of guests and groups across all its brands. From embarking on a traditional outrigger canoe trip in Maui to acquiring the skills to build a fire in the Berkshires, Hyatt properties prioritise thoughtfully crafted well-being experiences to complement guests’ personal well-being journeys.

Members of the rapidly expanding loyalty programme in the hospitality sector can now indulge in the recently enhanced World of Hyatt Milestone Rewards, offering a greater selection of benefits from January 1, 2024. Guests can now embrace the ethos of “Be More Here” with an expanded array of choices at various milestones, including the option to accumulate points for future complimentary stays, elevate their experience with suite upgrades, enrich their well-being through tailored experiences, and extend the privileges of the World of Hyatt to their loved ones by bestowing the title of Guest of Honour.

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