The Minoan Theater

Explore their colorful world

A unique three-hour experience from early antiquity until the present

At the premises of the Equestrian Club in Karteros, we created an area of cultural activities, the Minoan Theater. Our visitors will indulge their senses to the beauty and greatness of an important era, that of The Minoans, which remained in history as the Pinnacle of Peace and Prosperity.

It has been written that they may have been the happiest people to walk the earth.
Their famous capital, Knossos, is decorated with wonderful frescoes full of cheerful colors, slender, young ladies and athletic men. They were peaceful people who were after good sportsmanship at least 1,000 years before the first Olympic Games. The labrys and the bull, which they confronted in dangerous bull-leaping rituals, are the sacred symbols of this civilization.

Nowadays, the Minoans are an exotic mystery, but they are also a source of inspiration and creation to all of us. Enjoy the journey into to their colorful world…

Meet the Minoans

Turn back time to almost 5,000 years ago. Enter a startling world that is both a dream and a reality. Be transported to the Minoan Theater of the Palace at Knossos to honor the Great Mother, Goddess Nature.

Phaedra, the daughter of King Minos welcomes you…

Beautiful Minoan ladies dance to honor the Goddess along with the men. The union of the two is a symbol of equality and love in honor of the Great Mother.

The games begin. Witness the test of strength, stamina, intelligence, and culture that takes shape through the bull games. Be captivated as the ancients were, by a survival ritual time will never forget.

The high priestess embraces the Minotaur in a ritual dance that still echoes the spirit of those wondrous people.

A Cretan Cultural Immersion

Walk the path of culture and tradition that led to modern Crete. The art, sport, gastronomy and traditions of the island is transmitted by ritual dance transfigured into Cretan gastronomy, music, and dance hundreds of years old. You will learn why olive oil, wine, honey, grains, and herbs are the five basic elements on the Minoan diet. You’ll understand how the Cretan diet is not the healthiest diet in the world by chance.

Everything developed through eons of time and wisdom is presented in the combinations that constitute the perfect nutritional value for the people.

Diet as part of their religion, worship, communication, philosophy, medicine, and healing, as well as every expression of human consciousness and spirit links to the Cretan way today. Diet cannot and should not be separated from the other facets of tradition and culture. This is the message of Minoan Theater, a “Top 10” Crete experience.

The Minoan Theater Experience

As our guests, you will be a part of traditions old as time itself. You’ll witness the ritual, walk the path of Theseus, and follow a procession that is immortal. The tastes of both Minoan and traditional Cretan delicacies of the modern era are here. The Minoan kitchen reveals unbelievable gastronomy, amazing clay cooking pottery, and an atmosphere that is authentic, above all.

Our Minoan culture and heritage are uncovered before your eyes through the surroundings, in the aromas, and via the music and colors, the flavors and the dance, our cuisine. The Minoan Theater is a unique experience that will never be lost. This sense of living – even for a little while – within the first-ever universal civilization.

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