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Ukrainian Travel Agency Promises to Show You Heaven and Hell

Instead of fighting everyone claiming the world will end this December, why not join in and try to make money out of it? A Ukrainian travel agency is now selling tickets for exclusive tours of Heaven and Hell. They don’t pretend to know where you’re going, they are however ready to give you the grand tour. And this is just not any kind of tour, it’s one for the VIPs, at least that’s what the tickets to this exclusive experience say.

Heaven is cheaper to see then hell. The agency explained that hell is a more lively destination with far more interesting people. The market it quite well, targeting trips to hell to all those adventurous travelers who “like it hot.” The ticket to hell includes a mention on the “Scriptures of Satan,” a ticket to “freefall to Hell,” a pass allowing travelers complete excess to wander on this realm and a much needed survival guide. The cost for such an exclusive end-of-the-world adventure is of only $18. But you can save by spending only $15 on an all-inclusive ticket to Heaven. Heaven All Inclusive tours include a pre-booked place in paradise and a first-class flight on Dec. 21, an ID card to make a sure nobody bothers you, and a travel guide.

Photos courtesy of Ukrainian travel agency

While it sounds interesting and those who actually believe the world will end might rejoice and think of getting a ticket, this is just a fun marketing strategy from a travel agency. As explained by the Digital Journal, reporters have called for details and the tour operator, Reverv-ticket.net, said “We made it just for fun.” And they are not the only ones having a laugh at doomsday theories: humorous survival kits for the big day when the world will supposedly end have been sold in Mexico and Russia.