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Tallinn, Estonia Hosts Graphic Arts Exhibition

The 15th Talinn Graphics Triennial will be held by the Kumu Art Museum with a theme of “For Love, Not Money.” This exhibition is going to look at contemporary graphics within a broader context involving the creation of modern art, as well as trends surrounding modern art. The exhibition will focus on the latest modern art trends, including performance art, video art, print media art, and photography.

Tallinn museum

Kumu The Modern Art Museum of Estonia - courtesy kalevkevad

The title specifically refers to a theme incorporating a number of interrelated definitions, including list, addition, dedication, obligation, love, family, objectification, passion, romance, political ties, religion, and sex. The project attempts to reflect all the current trends surfacing in modern art while setting these trends against a backdrop inspired by the global financial crisis. It will examine the problems associated with creating, exhibiting, and receiving art in this type of context.

KUMU Museum, Tallinn

The Kumu Museum in Tallinn - courtesy mightymightymatze

Contributors to the exhibition include 51 invited artists and 63 artists who won spots in a fierce international competition. The event is going to showcase the last triennial’s grand prix, a Colombian artist by the name of Óscar Muñoz. The event is typically responsible for shining a spotlight on art derived from the Baltic States, so noted artists will participate from Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania.