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Poland’s Best Springtime Locations

Poland is a beautiful country. Whether you’re looking for gorgeous scenery or amazing towns, Poland has all you could ask for. But what about during the spring? What are the most special locations to visit during the warm weather months?

Wilanow Palace in Warsaw

Below you’ll find some of the most beautiful and “can’t miss” locations to visit if you’re ever in Poland during the spring:

  1. Planty Gardens, Krakow

    This circular garden surrounds the Old Town, and had it not been for the 19th century revivalists, this great addition to Krakow would not exist today.

    The spot where the Planty Gardens are located was once the area where medieval moats and castles once stood, but due to their deteriorated existence, they were demolished and made room for the Gardens.

  2. Wilanow Palace, Warsaw

    While the Palace is gorgeous all year round, it is especially amazing during the spring because of the gardens and landscape that come to life. You’ve never seen anything quite like it, with more flowers and shrubbery than you could imagine.

    The Palace was built in the latter part of the 17th century for King John III Sobieski, but was later expanded many times over by his successors. Visiting the Palace is as if you’re stepping back in time. How could you pass this up?

  3. Westerplatte, Gdansk

    This is where World War II started, and if that isn’t enough to draw you in, you can investigate the old barracks, monument to the soldiers who fought to protect Poland from the Germans, lighthouse and the grounds of the old peninsula.

    Although it does take a nice boat ride to visit this location, it is definitely worth it. In addition, you can also check out the bullet holes that are still present on the lighthouse today.

  4. Oliwa Zoo, Gdansk

    If you enjoy walking through over 120 acres of zoo territory with animals from all over the world, Oliwa Zoo is the place for you. The prices are affordable, and you can easily get there by car or bus.

    You can really turn a good day into a great day by coming down to the zoo and checking out Poland’s most amazing animals. Even the kids will love this!

  5. Bernardine Monastery Chruch, Radom

    The monastery and church were built before the 15th century, and even though it fell into Soviet hands, it was later returned to the Polish and renovated back to its old self.

    With such a great background, all who visit will have much to see. And not only is there amazing architecture and work to marvel at inside, there are gardens and surrounding work that begs to be looked at.


There you have five of the most amazing places to visit in Poland. Get out there and explore them for yourself!

Our guest author, Joe Petchonka, is an author, professional writer and blog owner. In addition, he also writes for NY Mazda car dealerships.