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Gingerbread Mania 2012: Unique Estonian Flavors

Gingerbread lovers will be able to feast their eyes upon all manner of delicious and delectable treats this Christmas, when they pay a visit one of Tallinn’s quirkier art and design events – the Gingerbread Mania Exhibition (PiparkoogiMaania 2011).

Piparkoogimaania 2011

An annual exhibition, sponsored by a Tallinn-based cake manufacturer, nothing is quite what it seems at Gingerbread Mania. Over the next three weeks, visitors will be descending on Tallinn’s Design and Architecture Gallery to taste the work of more than 100 local artists and designers, who have created the ultimate fragrant dream world for anyone who loves the traditional Christmas treats.

In a collision of folk traditions, modern art and gastronomy, more than 300 kilos of dough has been transformed into all manner of mouth-watering objects. Exhibits range from life-size cash registers and angel wings, to brand name handbags and bakeries run by teddy bears (complete with intricately-designed miniature pretzels and loaves of bread!).

Piparkoogimaania exhibition

The exhibition pays homage to numerous different cultures – Nordic, European, even African influences are all apparent in the designs – as the artists prove that just about anything can be made from gingerbread. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of how the exhibits are made, as artists demonstrate their age-old gingerbread baking and decorating techniques, heating up treacle the old-fashioned way over a naked flame, then gently pouring the sweet-smelling mix over various tasty treats.

The creativity of the artists is inspiring and draws a huge number of visitors who come to snap photos and taste some of the smaller treats on offer. There’s a wide choice of confectionary to buy as well, so those who can’t bear the thought of going home empty-handed won’t have to.

Gingerbread Mania runs from December 17 until January 8, 2012, and is held at the Design and Architecture Gallery, Tallinn. This unique event promises to be a wonderful gift for anyone who appreciates the finer delights of Christmas and not only.