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Oh My, Hotel O Paris

Shining a spotlight once again on places to stay in ever charming Paris, my personal bag of memories opens up. If ever there were a perfect city to live in. Well, maybe just to visit, Paris is awfully crowded. I was reminded of Elegancia Hotels there this morning, in particular Hotel O, a designer boutique all original in style and value for guests.

Good morning, you just arrived at a great place to stay

Good morning, you just arrived at a great place to stay.

Situated in the middle of the Halles district, which is so close to the Louvre and the Seine, Hotel O, was designed by Ora-Ito, the firm of famous designer of Ito Morabito of Swatch watch, Davidoff, and Heineken ale fame. Envisioned as a classy, set comfortable affair, Hotel O certainly looks the part as you can see above and below.

Hotel O Paris

Hotel O Paris - style and coziness meet

What guests get at this and other Elegancia Hotels is a lot of elegance and convenience, without the heavy toll five stars nearby levy, and staff as classy and crisp as Hotel O sheets and pillow cases are. Differentiated to a degree from others of Philippe Vaurs’ thematic approaches to hospitality though, Hotel O is decidedly more geared to relaxation than for instance the sensual appeal of the famous Hotel Seven.

O is for Odyssey

O is for Odyssey - cabin like, cool, cozy, just right

Anyhow, you can see from the photos, assume from the names mentioned, Hotel O is something new and special in the heart of Paris. As for the bottom line? Well, there are deals here, but in general I can book now for an Odyssey accommodation, not the least nor the most exclusive room, for 7 nights at €206.14 per night. What do I get, you say? Not the regular double, but the chic restive you see above.

As Hotel O describes, Odyssey rooms are a perfect mix of wood, glass, and Corian, cool relaxation amid the sometimes too bustling Paris. These rooms, much like the ones at Hotel 7, transport the guest away from the wonderful noise that is the City of Light.

Of course, free wireless, AC, safes, flat screen TVs and the usual four star suspects abound in all the Hotel O rooms. Porters, dry cleaning, room service, newspapers, etc, etc, etc, the hotel makes sure you feel at home in luxury. And Notre-Dame, Jardin Du Palais Royal, the mighty Louvre, many of Paris’ must see attractions are just minutes walk away.

A short walk to basically anywhere in downtown Paris

A short walk to basically anywhere in downtown Paris

About the only thing negative anyone can say about Hotel O is that it is situated on a very narrow side street. But then you can throw a rock and hit two dozen spectacular bistros and cafes, not to mention boutiques from your window. All in all, it looks like Hotel O is another feather in the cap of Elegancia, and downtown Paris too.

HOTEL O, 19, rue Hérold, 75001 Paris – +33 1 42 36 04 02 – contact@hotel-o-paris.com