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5 Luxury & Lifestyle Sites to Live for

Surfing the web is a pass time for some, a job for others, but a necessity for finding anything good on the web. No matter what service one signs up for, which social network they cotton to, without Googling for some excellence or even relevance, a lot is missed. Argo Travel News tries to bring some surfing gems to you periodically. So here are some luxury sites you may not have skimmed across yet.

Luxury walking away

Luxurious sites, walking away


Like the tag line says; “Affluent Lifestyle Guide” pretty much describes this very refined portal to everything exclusive (and yes, expensive). We ran across this site via a Twitter “likewise” search, interestingly, but as you can readily see the developers here are clued into all the visitor streams. And, some beautiful wallpaper too. Devoted to lifestyle, luxury travel, and fashion, JustLuxe offers a lot to readers. You can see the team of writers by visiting this link.

JustLuxe landing

The JustLuxe landing page, beautiful - click to visit

Looking at the “post level” content of this site, there’s a congruent message the discerning surfer will find – superb content, design, and even use of ad space. This is a very fine web entity. The image below reflects not only great organizational skill, but a desire to provide interesting content too. The best sites in the world know – content is still king. The story about mega-yacht Dona Amélia is not only fascinating and informative, but the images are extraordinary. This is pretty close to perfection. JustLuxe is also a proud member of the Just Luxury Society (I never knew there was one?) The site gets a 9 out of 10 from Argo.

JustLuxe post level

Luxury Link

No kidding! Surfing along on Google, looking for keywords “luxury + site” – We ran across this atypical luxury experience. Founded in 1997, Luxury Link is a destination deal site dedicated to luxury vacations, and how. For a bit of paradise a la Bali, Fiji, or anyplace you can think of, this is an extraordinary place to hunt down the perfect getaway. The landing below reveals instantly the site owner’s attention to all things luxuriant.

The Luxury Link landing

Luxury Link landing - click to visit

has become the premier online destination for great deals on luxury vacations. Whether you dream of a piece of paradise in Fiji, Hawaii or Tahiti, the cultural capitals of Europe or the vibrant allure of Asia’s great cities, Luxury Link has the perfect vacation experience for you. Vacation auctions, luxury cruise packages for a song, family destinations, golf, romantic getaways, this site offers a lot in the way of ideas and deals. The CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa one below, is but one great example. Luxury Link offers some fabulous deals, lots of visitor value, and if nothing else, just a pretty website. The reader can see them on Twitter as well. They too get a 9 out of 10 from Argo.

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa

CuisinArt Golf Resort & Spa deal at Luxury Link

Mr & Mrs Smith – Of Course

We’ve raved about these luxury boutique hotel gurus before, but in case you missed them or surfed by thinking the link was about the movie, here the Web’s nicest 5 star peeps are again. If being superb hosts or hostesses has anything to do with the finer things in life, co-founders James Lohan and Tamara Heber-Percy should probably rule all luxury hospitality. (Hey, wait a minute, maybe they do?) Any time we have had occasion to interact with these experts, or anyone from their team, the end result is always a smile – no hype, really. The image below is of the company’s Villa Sungai listing in none other than Bali, Indonesia.


Hit Smith up on Twitter, you’ll see what we mean.

Mr & Mrs Smith Bali

A Bali Villa awaits - Can I get a deal?

As a company, we cannot say enough about Mr & Mrs Smith, and as an individual – well, I can tell a silk purse from a sow’s ear, let’s just say. These people always exhibit way more than a touch of class. From reviews you can trust, to downright uncommon friendliness over the phone or Twitter, I can think of no more reputable company. Check out the Bali rates when you get a chance. Luxury accommodations like Smith offers, for as little as €113 per night for couples – add in the pleasure of dealing with Smith and this is a bargain no matter who you are. If it were not for Smith’s small images (sorry guys) they would always be 10 of 1o, as it is Smith gets 9 of 10 from Argo too.

More Mr & Mrs Smith Bali wonderment

More Mr & Mrs Smith Bali wonderment Alila Ubud - click to visit

The Augustus Collection – Epic Luxury & Style

Just the other day we ran across a superb g+ profile, The Augustus Collection. Having made mention of them here, we would be remiss without adding this luxury management firm to this distinguished list. Like Mr & Mrs Smith above, and the owners thereof, Augustus Collection is nothing if not superbly classy. Let me explain in a second, but first look at the imagery this group shares with visitors. The Albergo Villa Casanova, Lucca Italy below via Augustus Collection’s Blog is a literal wonder. For one thing, clicking the images on the blog brings up high resolution views of superlative quality.


Albergo Villa Casanova

Albergo Villa Casanova via Augustus - Click to visit

Now, by way of illustration. One mention via some image searches I was presenting before resulted in a very “Smith-like” reaction. Totally unexpected, even remarkably, the CEO of Augustus Collection, Alexander Ryll, took the time to hand write a “thank you” card and post it in the mail to me personally. Now remember please, this is the Internet. Anyone taken enough to pen a thank you these days is – well, not of this world really. I quote from his note:

“Dear Phillip,
Thank you for Including Augustus Collection in your Google Plus article recently on Argophilia. We were all so delighted to be features with such esteemed brands. Best Regards,”
Alexander Ryll

Founded just last year, the Augustus Collection is an umbrella sales and marketing company specializing in creating innovative and intuitive programs for spas, hotels, hotel groups, travel media and travel technology companies. Their focus in on the French, Italian and United Kingdom marketplace, but as anyone might imagine – expecting expansion from excellence is a no brainer. I have seldom been so impressed, thank you Alexander. For more information on Augustus Collection, please check out their Facebook and G+ installments, or Tweet them by clicking their Twitter screen below. The only hint of imperfection even associated with this company in my opinion is their landing page, it gives less of an impression as some other elements. Augustus Collection gets 9 out of 10 from Argo.


Augustus Collection Twitter landing

Augustus Collection Twitter - click to tweet with them

Up And Coming Finery

There are a great many wonderful websites out there, to match the maze of fantastic companies and people behind them. But, surfing is a little bit about randomness, as anyone on the web knows over time. World’s Luxury Guide is an opulent and smooth surprise for the passer by. I found the site myself via social media associations/suggestion, but anyone searching images or luxury, would eventually run across it. An affiliate of Welt Online, this site too exudes not just extravagance, but that little hint of something extra any careful engagement should. The portal is a luxury extension offering an incredibly interesting array of photographs and subject topicals. Hotels to celebrities, watches, cars, and so forth, World’s Luxury Guide does a very nice job of entrancing the passer by.

The King's Quarters via World's Luxury Guide

The King's Quarters via World's Luxury Guide - click to visit

As is true with any new interjection online, the rub can often come down to content quantity too. I would not ordinarily burden a great website and its developers with the criticism, but withing this select group, such is the way. World’s Luxury Guide is a frog’s hair short on depth of content, within a refined repository of eclecticism. The site offers so much wonderment, super photos (all-be-it too small and copyrighted out the ying yang) – and somehow manages to look more like a blog than Saks Fifth Avenue to me. For this reason, and this reason only, they get an 8 out of 10 from Argo. Look for great things from this group, and visit their Twitter feed for more.

Supersonic Aerospace International via World's Luxury Guide

Supersonic Aerospace International via World's Luxury Guide

So there we have some superb surf’s up luxury sites for your “Follow Friday” – we hope you will suggest your favorites and visit all those mentioned here. Until next week, well be looking for more superlative content for you. Suggest away.

Priceless image – courtesy © iTake Images – Fotolia.com