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Library Hotel Collection Moves With WIHP

Selected to reinvent all Library Hotel Collection’s websites, hotel marketing agency WHIP (World Independent Hotels Promotion) expands their already considerable brace of interdependent hotel clients with four extraordinary boutiques in New York, and more to come from Budapest to Toronto in the coming weeks. The hospitality sensation of ITB Berlin, WIHP Convert website design renders a result ending the way Every hotel website should look like, at least according to Robin Wauters at The Next Web.

Library Hotel New York City

Click to visit one fabulous hotel experience

Forward redesign, and optimize performance, do not really say it all when it comes to the Convert. platform. But for superb hotels like these New York ones, the impact and efficiency are a big plus. We covered WIHP as they first released Convert back in March, and since then WIHP has quite literally “converted” many faithful. Taking the focus off of the marketing company, and putting it on these picturesque hotels, seems the more important here. It looks like WIHP has their future set in stone.

With two new properties upcoming in the next three years, Aria Hotel in Budapest and Hotel X at Exhibition Place in Toronto, HKHotels have recently transformed into Library Hotel Collection, a marketing move meant to emphasize the a new era in hospitality for the group, as well as a new age in utilizing current technology and trends to show guests an “experience” – even before they arrive for a stay.

Casablanca Hotel New York

Steps from Times Square - click to visit Casablanca

WIHP has been employed to help gain visibility for four existing hotels: Moroccan-themed Casablanca Hotel; the iconic Library Hotel at Madison and East 41st Street in New York, which inspired the new name of the group; romantic retreat Hotel Elysée; and the urban, sophisticated, Hotel Giraffe at Park Avenue South. Adele Gutman, Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Revenue at Library Hotel Collection, offered this via the press release from WIHP:

“Many factors went into deciding to partner with WIHP on the design, SEO and hosting of the new set of websites for the Library Hotel Collection. First, on an emotional level, we were moved and inspired by the sheer beauty and visually expressive quality of WIHP’s previous work. However, we know we are not creating a work of art but a work of commerce, and after speaking to other hoteliers who have worked with WIHP, we could clearly see that they had a proven track record for helping their hotels achieve an exceptionally high percentage of direct sales on the brand websites.”

Hotel Giraffe New York City

The wild experience of Hotel Giraffe New York - click this one

As a result of this partnership, all Library Hotel collection websites are now built on Convert platform, ensuring visitors a well-run navigation, high-tech, HD image galleries, as well as a modern user-friendly design. Very appreciated among hoteliers, WHIP ‘Convert is the first hotel website platform able to perfectly integrate the SynXis booking engine within the website, managing to obtain a 44% decrease regarding booking time and to provide independent hotels a unique sales tool. But take a look at the sampling of hotel imagery around you in this article. Visiting any of the hotel websites linked to here, shows off way more than I can describe herein. To that end, we invite the reader to do just that, but lastly another comment from Gutman:

“We already have success with that now, but we are confident that WIHP will work with us to take that success to the next level. Like the Library Hotel Collection, we can see that WIHP shares our belief that putting the customer first is the best form of marketing. While we have just launched the English language websites, we are eagerly awaiting the launch of our multi lingual websites which will launch over the next month. We believe it will literally open our hotels to a new world of honored guests.

One of New York's most romantic hotels Elysee

Click to experience one of New York's most charming hotels

Oh, and these sites are not only optimized for visual and user friendly effects on the web,  but for iPhone, iPad and other smartphones as well. As you surf these sites, take special note of just how fast these experiential images load, then book or pretend to book a room even, then you’ll see the extent to which WIHP has changed the hotel booking landscape. Expression, simplicity, and effective function. Isn’t that what we all profess to want?

Please visit wihphotel.com, or follow WIHP on Twitter via @WIHPhotel; Facebook; or Google+. Customers interested in Convert website builder can find more information at http://www.wihphotel.com/convert.

To check out these fascinating boutique hotels in New York more closely, or to inquire further, please contact them accordingly, or read the original press release:

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