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GuestComment Fights Fraudulent Hotel Reviews

GuestcommentAfter years and years of ordeals endured by hotels listed on sites like TripAdvisor, where anyone – be it a guest, or a competitor – can post a review, GuestComment attempts to fight against fraudulent reviews, something many experts considered an impossible task in the past. The solution was so simple, and yet, no one dared to take it to the next level. That’s no one till GuestComment.

Dubbed as a real-time onsite hotel review and feedback platform, GuestComment is, in fact, an interactive guest comment survey, that allows no fake reviews, as it is gathers data from a digital kiosk, which hotels can keep in a visible place for real guests to use, at any time – for instance, at check-out. Guests share their reviews, ratings, and overall satisfaction in real time.

Hotel owners can choose exactly which parts of their hotels they want reviewed, then follow up with guests in person or by email, phone, or Twitter. Furthermore, GuestComment can be set up to send alerts when negative reviews are posted, giving hotel managers and owners the opportunity to contact guests directly and personally to resolve situations before they ignite and become a negative TripAdvisor review.

Basically, GuestComment enables a genuine dialog between a hotel guest and management while the guest is still onsite.

“GuestComment bridges the gap between a guest’s hotel experience and their subsequent review of the property,” explained Andy Beal, the CEO and founder of GuestComment. “By placing GuestComment’s kiosks in a prominent location, guests are encouraged to share their praise, feedback, and complaints while the hotel management still has the opportunity to thank them or resolve any issues.”

GuestComment launched today, and is available immediately for US Hotels.


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    Wow, thank you so much for such high praise for GuestComment. We couldn’t have said it any better ourselves. Thanks for sharing in our vision!