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  1. Julie & Terry Attrill says

    Julie and Terry are looking for any news of our Japanese exchange student Eerie Tamura (maiden name) she married and had two children, last contact Eerie and family were living in Fukushima.

  2. Tracey says

    I am looking for these people…they were students of mine.

    Yui Ikuta
    Mari Dosaka
    Natsuha Yamaga
    Aiko Maeda

  3. Marlon Abarca says

    I’m tracking down my cousin working on Nippon Maru passenger vessel (cruise line ship). Last know position was 10 Mar leaving Yokohama towards Futami, very near Sendai.

    Sheryl Delantar

    If anyone knows anything about this cruise line and/or my cousin, please let me know ASAP. Thank you very much.

  4. martin mckeown says

    were looking for our son he lives in ishinomaki with his wife yoshiko sakai and her family

  5. kelly mckeown says

    looking for my brother martin mckeown and his wifeyoshiko sakai previous msg left by us not martin

  6. Robin Thibodeau says

    I am looking for an elderly penpal of mine by the name of Harumi Yamamoto. She recently moved to Midori-cho Musashino-shi, Tokyo.
    I have no phone number or email address for her either.

  7. Josée Nyagatare says

    I am still stunned at what happened in Japan and am worried for my friend Aya Fugimura (maiden name), a classmate at the California state university of San Bernardino… though, it’s been a longtime… Aya is all I thought and would like to know if she is okay. I missed her so much, and I’m taking action only now… what a waste!

    Aya if you read this, please, email me. I’m currently in Belgium. I really hope you and your family are okay. You can also find me on facebook. I am so sorry for what took place and still does in your country, and that is an understatement.

    Josée Nyagatare

  8. Yuko Ohrui says

    Now I am looking for martin mckeown and yoshiko sakai on Japanese SNS called mixi since they are good friends of my colleague in US.
    If I get any response. I will update this site.
    I hope they are in the evacuation center.

  9. Yuko Ohrui says

    I have heard from my colleague! They have found Martin and his wife Yoshiko. I am really relieved.

    • says

      So happy for you Yuko. Tell them to leave Japan if they can. The aftershocks have no intention to stop – there have been hundreds already. I personally fear the worst!

  10. G Ahmadi says

    Please, Please, be aware of some people out there will indicate they have information about missing loved ones, while they really are playing psychological terrorism.

    I had not heard about the whereabouts of my son in Japan. One person had said that “sorry he is dead” but he was alive and well. Seek more information and confirmation. There are some sick people out there who like to play games with other people’s emotions.

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