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Europe After Dark Co-Star Eva Galani

Last Summer we covered Europe After Dark, an upcoming series that takes in the European party scene. Today we revisit the series with one of the Co-Stars, Eva Galani. Gracious as ever, Eva granted Argophilia this exclusive interview where she talks about the series and her own budding career.

If you live outside Europe, it is fair to say you do not know what you are missing here on the “continent” – a place where the old and the new blend for an unmistakable concoction of tradition and imminent fun. In the case of Europe After Dark, a nightlife scene of legendary character – and justifiably.

In some ways, Europe’s party attitude is a bit like Spring Break in the States, but with a distinctively classier flavor. But before we talk with Eva, lets take a look at this vivacious and stunning gal behind the scenes of Europe After Dark. As you can easily tell, the Sun over the Greek Isles is not the only thing boiling the waters off Athens.

Not Just Greek to Eva

We caught up with Eva in Athens where she is currently appearing on stage. By way of background, Eva is a Greek actress who travels in between her homeland and NY engaged in various projects. A distinguished graduate of the Superior Drama School Mary Vogiatzi, Eva hold several degrees from Public Relations to the dramatic arts. You can track a bit more of her experience and expertise via her personal website here. But check out what Eva had to say to some pointed questions below.

Argo – Eva, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us.

Eva – You are most welcome Phil, always a pleasure.

Argo – Eva, what did you think when the producers of Europe After Dark contacted you?

Eva –  First of all, I loved the idea of a show highlighting the night life in Europe. Secondly, from the little I talked with them, I found them to be very serious and professional. Third,  Greek producer Rigas Pantos, I’ve known for many years and I completely trust him. And beyond the professional track we are also very good friends. All these were adequate reason for me to accept with great pleasure Co-hosting EAD’s Greek episode.

Argo –  Yes, I know Rigas myself, met him when we did the first segment about EAD, a superb human being. I see you have an extensive experience for the stage, TV, and cinema Eva, do you actually prefer stage or screen roles?

Eva – Both!!!! I love stage roles because they have a beginning, middle, end and they are perfectly connected with space and time which flows through the part. On stage the actor/actress should work each day with the role. And each day he/she performs for a different audience with different experiences and perceptions, so he/she is the means to simulate the play’s acting and pass the meaning to the audience. I also love screen roles too, the characters can be  real- daily characters, sometimes with a big dose of glamor or excess & eccentricity.

Argo –  You are a sprinter according to your CV Eva, when did you first learn to run fast?

Eva – I like this question! And you know why?? At an early age I was a sprinter with a local team with a superlative record. This taught me to work hard to achieve my goals and also taught me when I fall, how to get back up and go forward.

Argo –  I always ask actors and actresses who their mentors, role models, or idols are.. please don’t hate me for being cliche and asking you?

Eva –  This is not easy for me to answer… I don’t have a specific role model or  idol. I admire many actors, actresses, directors, TV presenters, showmen, show women, but I am not them, I am another person, I am what I am. My passion is to be able to play all the roles presented to me – perfectly. Of course when I’m watching a movie, a play, or a TV show playing acting some of my favorite actors-actresses, I’m learning more from their acting. Some of my favorites are : Robert De Niro, Sean Penn, Javier Bardem, Meryl Streep, Sophia Loren, and Uma Thurman.

Behütetes Meer

Behütetes Meer on Ikaria - courtesy Patrick Meier

Argo – Wow, you just named some of my favorites too. Concerning the business there in Europe, would you say it is more or less difficult breaking into the field from there in Greece, or no?

Eva – This field is difficult to break into regardless of location because of the competition. What makes it more difficult for Greeks in the international arena is the language barrier. Also, the  current economic crisis in Greece has hit the acting profession particularly hard, no new productions – either screen or stage are being produced.

Argo – Europe After Dark is of course about the nightlife and about party animals that prowl about the various venues. From the segments I have seen, Eastern European women in particular seem to have “adapted” better than their counterparts to the East and West, is that a fair statement?

Eva – (sexy smile) Generally speaking, the Mediterranean and Eastern European people have fun in their blood. The climate and the sea helps us rejoice and have a good time, maybe more than people in other parts of the world.

Argo – I know our readers will want to know about projects your are currently involved in Eva, can you fill us in?

Eva – Most recently I performed in a satirical play about our politicians and Greek current events. Also, I performed for a TV socio serial. And at the moment I’m in talks about a feature film.

Argo – One thing I find fascinating Eva is how many different looks you have. It is clear you are extremely photogenic. Did everyone snap pictures of you when you were little?

Eva – Thank you!! I feel so lucky I can change my look so easily because it helps me adjust more simply to diverse roles.  Regarding your other question, as a child my dad was always taking pictures and video of me. I had a habit of wearing my brothers’, mom’s and dad’s clothes – and standing in front of the mirror mimicking their expressions.

Argo – Eva, can you give the readers a two sentence picture of your dream?

Eva – My professional dream is to collaborate with actors and directors I admire. On a personal level, I want to be with that special person and to have many children to cherish.

Argo – I know you love to travel Eva. Of all the towns or places in Europe, which is your favorite?

Eva –  (a longing, happy smile) My favorite places are my home town of Salonica, and Ikaria, a Greek Island in the Aegean Sea. The people in Ikaria are unique, and follow their own beat – a different drummer so to speak. When I am in Ikaria, I forget all my problems.

Argo – Thanks so much Eva for your kindness, you seem to be that rare combination of talent, beauty, and genuineness people love in their movie stars.

Eva –  (witty look) Well, I guess I am some of those things, except of course the movie star part, have not paid quite enough dues there yet. And thank you for your generous time.

Europe Any Time

If Europe After Dark did does nothing else, the shows producers, cast, and host Sean “Hollywood” Hamilton deliver on showcasing what is really the world’s biggest party playground. But what the show also conveys are the fascinating people who inhabit those places you may have only read about. The coast of Portugal to the Black Sea and beyond, there’s a world of places and people waiting to meet us all.

Eva Galani - courtesty Eva's Facebook and Penelopy Fatourou Photography

Eva Galani - courtesty Eva's Facebook and Penelopy Fatourou Photography

Eva Galani, as I alluded to earlier, represents the down to Earth, sexy, and sometimes extremely talented people the journey introduces us to from time to time. More than this, and something you can easily read while talking with her, the spirit we spoke of in Eastern Europeans is – well, genuine, honest, and passionate. As you can see in the Facebook photo of Eva below, she was always photogenic.

From Eva's Facebook pages

Eva at an early age on the set of 007 flick Thunderball - Well, sort of

Take my word and come to Europe and see for yourself. From the solitude of Eva’s favorite Greek Island of Ikaria (image below), to the rhythmic and almost never ending beat Europe After Dark showcases, Europe is as always, epic in its delights and for its people.

Thanks again to the wonderful Eva Galani, everyone at Europe After Dark, and especially producer Rigas Pantos for jamming on this Eva video. You can check out more about Europe After Dark via their Facebook profile, their main site,  or the company behind the screen Reel Stuff Entertainment.

Greek actress Eva Galani


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