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Top Romantic Christmas Getaways

The spirit of Christmas is all about giving and spending quality time with loving family members. But nowhere in the doctrine of noel does it state that loving couples can’t sneak away for a little “us” time. After all, the holidays are inherently romantic, what with all the colors and lights and feelings of goodwill. And even though many associate the Christmas season with heavy snowfall and frigid extremities, those in the market for a romantic Christmas getaway have many warm-weather options at their disposal.

With that in mind, here is a list of some of the most ideal Christmas vacation spots geared for couples.


It’s hardly a surprise that the “City of Lights” made this list, as it is one of the world’s most romantic cities on the 364 days of the year that aren’t Christmas. But when the holidays roll around this city really turns on the charm, and oh how its famed lights do shine. Couples who jaunt off for a Paris Christmas will not only be treated to the city’s ubiquitous world-class cuisine, but they’ll get the French’s answer to Santa Claus — Pere Noel – too!

A room at the new Felicien Hotel, Paris.

A room at the new Felicien Hotel, Paris.


No longer just for the über rich looking for a place to “summer”; Barbados offers quite a bit in the way of tropical holiday spirit. And it isn’t hard for couples to find an excuse to visit this Caribbean destination during Christmas, as the already amenable locals are that much more festive during the holidays. And what better way to cut the seeping romance inherent in white-sand beaches and turquoise waters than with some scuba diving on Christmas day.


Los Angeles, California

Believe it or not, Los Angeles is the perfect city to abscond to with a lover. The weather is ideal, and the beaches can be enjoyed year round. But the biggest draw to Los Angeles during Christmas is that a large portion of the cities more transplanted residents return home for the holiday season. That means the streets and sights are wide open for any intrepid couple that wishes to make the journey.

California surfing


Those who want to stretch their dollar during their romantic excursion need look no further than Acapulco. This beachside resort city is a part of what’s known as the “Mexican Riviera” that makes up much of Mexico’s west coast. Visitors to Acapulco can enjoy a Christmas relaxing on a tropical beach with sand between their toes, an exotic drink in hand, and exchange rate that is its own Christmas gift.

Villa Aquina in Acapulco

Villa Aquina in Acapulco

Bora Bora

The granddaddy of all tropical getaways is – surprise, surprise – perfect for Christmas as well. This much-ballyhooed island in French Polynesia is a popular honeymoon spot for couples throughout the world. But all things being equal, who says Christmas can’t be a type of honeymoon as well?

Four Seasons Bora Bora

Right outside that door - Four Seasons Hotel

These are just a few exotic and not-so-exotic locales to consider when planning that great Christmas escape with a loved one. And no matter which city on this list ends up as the chosen destination, one thing is certain: each one is guaranteed to deliver the goods in both the Christmas and romance departments.

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    The moment you talk about the Yuletide spirit and vacationing, it simply calls one name in your heart – Paris. You can’t ignore Paris if you are planning for the perfect Christmas vacation with your spouse. It’s the perfect romantic getaway you can find anywhere around the globe. There’s amazing hotels to accommodate yourself in, great variety of cuisines from across the continent, and then there’s ‘Pere Noel’, the French version of Santa. And thanks for writing this piece. I really enjoyed spending time here, it’s damn good. Will come back, for sure Cheers!