EU Can Count Out Another Russian Tourism Company

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As the tensions in between Russia and western powers continue, news of another Russian tour operator supending operation does not ring a positive note for Europe travel in general. According to ITAR-TASS, some 4,000 plus customers of Russia’s bankrupt Yuzny Krest Travel tour operation, who are vacationing overseas, my need assistance returning home.

EU Sanctions On Russia Provoke Airline Economics War

Vladimir Putin at State Council Presidium meeting on developing social protection system for senior citizens. - Via The Kremlin

This morning business daily Vedomosti has reported, Russia may begin restricting European airlines from flying over Siberia on Asian routes. The move, if enacted, would imposed crippling costs on some European carriers. To make matters worse, the underlying business infrastructure of all countries will certainly be negatively affected.

Russia’s Dobrolet Airlines in Holding Pattern Over Europe


The “boomerang effect” of US and EU sanctions Russian President Vladimir Putin foretold of may be about to hit Europe travel businesses hard. The newly launched Russian low-cost Russian airline, has been forced to suspend its operations after the European Union (EU) sanctioned the airline over the Ukraine crisis. Reveals Top Russian Traveler Destinations for May landing page

Russian online hotel reservations service has announced the most popular CIS cities for Russian travelers for May holidays. The top cities, Minsk, Tashkent, Almaty, Baku, Kiev, Yerevan, Kishinev, Astana, Bishkek and Lvov beat out Georgia’s Tbilisi.

Adventure Saturday: Exploring the Wilds of Russia

Lake Baskunchak

Russia is a vast and fascinating country, with landscapes ranging from sunny beaches to icy tundra, rugged mountains to dense forests and mysterious lakes. In addition to its natural attractions, the country boasts cultural and historic sites that are unique in the world. To see the real Russia, you need to get beyond the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg.

A New Cold War Nightmare: The Big Tourism Slump to Come

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Already the conflict between west and east over Ukraine is having its negative effect on travel. 2014 was shaping up as a very positive year for Europe travel, but with fewer Russians planning trips abroad, the upcoming May holidays will be the first tourism casualties of a new Cold War detentes. A just now emerging travel industry, can ill afford a slippage of bookings.