A Perfect Day in Budapest

Out over the Danube - courtesy Alina Lisina

Can you imagine a massive restaurant inside a huge museum? Well that’s Budapest – a city of food and history. You will fall in love with it right away, after just a leisurely stroll along the Danube embankment, with its magnificent views of the Buda Castle , the Parliament and other historical buildings or after walking down the pedestrian street Vaci Utca, full of tempting mouth-watering smells from hundreds of cafes and restaurants.

Crete’s Famous But Remote Treasures: Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach, Crete

For those out there headed to Crete, driving the countryside is one of the great treats of this marvelous island destination. What’s more, navigating the well maintained Crete roads is a welcome adventure with mountain goats and sheep a plenty to keep visitors company. One such “discovery path”, the road to famous Elaphonisi Beach, is the spotlight of Argo today.

Hungary’s 4th TeSzedd Mozgalom (YouPick Campaign)


This weekend Budapest kicks off their part of the Europe-wide Let’s Clean Up Europe initiative with it’s own TeSzedd Mozgalom (YouPick) campaign. Organized by Hungary’s National Waste Management Agency is running the 4th segment of anti-litter initiative with this year’s. An all volunteer event running 9-11 May, the campaign descended on the City Park.

22 places and Things to See in Hungary


Hungary, the European country that shares its borders with 7 other countries is a beautiful place to visit. Amongst some of the most fun living people, you’re bound to fall in love with their culture and the places to visit. Let’s list out the 22 MUST GO-TO place in Hungary, so you’re sure not to […]

Old Cars Can be Admired These Days in Budapest

Oldtimer Show Budapest

A new edition of the exhibition of old timer vehicles can be visited in Budapest between 25-27th October 2013, at the SYMA program centre. The exhibition is organized by Oldtimer Show Ltd. Unlike previous years, when the exhibition was exclusively focused on old time vehicles, this edition will include some new vehicles as well.  Moreover, […]

Oktoberfest Comes to Budapest

oktoberfest budapest

A traditional German festival, Oktoberfest is now part of universal culture, and is a popular event all over Europe. This Fall in Budapest, Oktoberfest lasts three days, from October 11, to October 13. The event takes place in Kopaszi Gát. For Budapest, this is the first time ever when an Oktoberfest takes place. True to […]