Estonia Tourism Numbers Up for Q1 2013

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According to numbers from Statistics Estonia. some 303,000 foreign tourists booked stays in the country, a 5% increase over the previous year’s numbers. With neighboring country tourists and business people visiting most frequently, Estonia’s February and March figures from Finland were the most striking with 20% more visits when compared to last year at the same time.

Birgitta Festival 2013 Comes to Tallinn

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Coming to Tallinn in August, the Birgitta Festival 2013 is a combination of modern musical theater and dark and foreboding medieval customs. Scheduled to begin August 9th through 18th at St. Bridget’s Convent in Tallinn, this year’s festival presents a program of rich musical entertainment from Faust to Sleeping Beauty.

Coming to Estonia This Month: Jazzkaar 2013


Coming to Estonia this month Jazzkaar 2013 is one jazz fest fans won’t want to miss. Just in time for Spring being sprung, travelers to Tallinn get a chance to experience the 24th such event taking place in between April 18th and 28th. Venues around the city including the unique Marina Pavilion at the Port of Tallinn grounds, offer the best the Baltics can offer in the genre.

The Bastion Tunnels: Tallinn’s Best Kept, Not-So-Secret Attraction

Tallinn's Bastion Tunnels: Image courtesy Morgennebel

Estonia’s capital city Tallinn is older than most people realize, and just like all old cities, it has more than its fair share of secrets. Alongside the distinctly medieval flavor of downtown Tallinn’s streets, stories of ghosts, hidden tunnels and buried treasures add to its air of mystery.

Positivus Festival Artist Raise Profile of Estonian Music

Niki and the Dove

On Saturday, July 7th, visitors to the 6th annual Positivus Festival can enjoy popular and talented musicians of various genres: Abraham’s cafe will share its Hebrew and Arab style folk music; Elephants from Neptune will play catchy blues-rock; Animal drama will perform its well-known brand of light and positive indie pop-rock. Talbot will rock out with psychedelic music; Tiit Kikas will play its melodically charged electric violin; State of Zoe will mix electronica and acoustic acoustic sounds; Dahling will share lyrical rock music; and Sethh, loving to experiment, will combine their vocals with humor for their performance.

Jazzkaar 2012 Kicks Off This Month

Laupäev, 21. aprill 2012, kell 12:00, Merepaviljon DJANZZ (Taani) + Piip ja Tuut

Coming up in Tallinn, Estonia, the Jazzkaar Festival runs from April 20-29, promising the biggest International Jazz music cornucopia so far this year. The capital will be aglow with performers entertaining all around the city. From American sensation Christian McBride Trio, to Estonia’s own Vigleik Storaas Trio + Duo Tafenau-Vind, some of the genre’s greatest stars will be on stage.