Cyprus Tourism Revamps Island’s Culinary Legacy

Marios Hannides

A study of touristic trends by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) has prompted the launch of a campaign, the Cypriot Breakfast, aimed at showcasing local cuisine. The project, in collaboration with the Travel Foundation in the UK, focuses on tradition rather than diversified Cyprus touristic offerings.

Cyprus Fast Tracks New Grand Casino Bids

Courtesy Republic of Cyprus press and info office

Cyprus has just announced plans for creating the first integrated casino resort to meet all international standards. Government spokesperson, Nicos Christodoulides, told reporters last week that the cabinet is in the process of granting for the operation of the casino complex.

Kataklysmos Festival of the Flood 2014: Cyprus Gets Wet

Love Cyprus Kataklysmos

Coming up this month, the 2014 Kataklysmos (Flood) Festival hits Cyprus in towns and cities across the island. From Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Paralimni, Ayia Napa and beyond, tourists and local islanders mingle in June for games and frolic on one of the world’s most coveted island paradises.

Crete City of Rethymno Hosts Olive Oil Marketing Meet

One olive oil

An interesting cross-border collaborative effort in between Crete and Cyprus is being held in the city of Rethymno on Crete Oct. 1. An all important workshop to “Promoting marketing of oil” will see formulators, mills, merchants and producers discuss how best to collectively upgrade their products. Organized by SEDIK, the Region of Crete and the […]

Northern Cyprus Tourism: Not at All Gloom and Doom

Karpas Beach - Courtesy Andrei Rusu

Recent news of banking system problems on the Island of Cyprus have already had further negative impact on Cyprus where inbound tourism is concerned. And, considering the impact tourism has on the overall Cyprus economy, this is maybe the worst sort of news. However, not so many travelers might know that travel to Northern Cyprus shows no such real or percieved banking or other difficulty. You see, Northen Cyprus (officially the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus) is in many ways a wholly separate system.

Cyprus Travel Sails – Everywhere In the UK

Cyprus ad banner courtesy Kallaway PR

A huge advertising campaign will be taken to the many media outlets; TV, radio, posters, flyers, the works, by the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. A tagline the organization created to touch everyone’s heart is; “Cyprus in Your Heart” – striking words, representing Cyprus as it is; beautiful, scenic, from the beaches to the mountain tops, from ancient ruins, to ever more decadent cities.

Russian Travelers Fuel Increase of Cyprus Tourism Revenues


An increase in tourist arrivals from Russia has powered an increase in Cyprus’ tourism revenue. After a constant increase throughout 2012, revenues are expected to reach 2 billion euros by the end of the year, closing at a 10% increase from last year’s figures, according to the Cyprus Tourism Organistion (CTO).