Ski Holidays in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Jahorina Resort

For a ski holiday in a faraway land, consider Bosnia-Herzegovina. The beautiful capital city is Sarajevo, which played host to the Winter Olympics in 1984. For superb skiing vacations, or just camping out next to the campfire at one of Europe’s most famous Winter destinations, Bosnia-Herzegovina presents a unique travel value.

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina Get Free Visa Privileges

Mostar, Bosnia & Hercegovina

The EU has now granted fee visa privileges to Albania and Bosnia-Herzegovina in an effort to spur democratic reforms and progress. These two Balkan republics’ citizens can now travel freely within the Schengen area, basically all of the EU. Officials warn of a withdrawal of privileges should serious problems with immigration ensue.

Visa-free Travel for Albania and Bosnia

Schengen zone

EU interior ministers are expected to lift visa requirements for Albanian and Bosnian citizens today, with a decision that will allow biometric passport-holders from the two countries to stay up to three months in any European state which is part of the Schengen zone. Britain and Ireland are not included, but non EU-states Switzerland, Iceland […]