Stone Fairy Tale Comes to Mogilev

Mogilev City Hall

Coming to Mogilev, Belarus the “Kamennaya Skazka” (“Stone Fairy Tale”) reveals artists and architects from six countries to a themed event beginning May 3o. World. Beauty. Harmony. This year’s event will also feature representatives from Mogilev’s twin cities of Yekaterinburg and Syktyvkar.

Travel Belarus: Down On the Belarusian Farm Style

Traditional Belarus farm

While not the most notorious form of vacationing on Earth, farm tourism is an ever increasingly popular traveler activity in Belarus. According to a study released by the government there, this form of tourism is actually going quite viral. Svetlana Shevchenko, Deputy Head of the Central Office for Natural Persons Taxation of the Belarusian Tax Ministry there told a recent conference that farm tourism has actually increased by a factor or 15 in the last five years.

Upcoming Mogilev Puppet Theatricals

Courtesy Brest Puppet Theater

For visitors planning a trip anywhere near Mogilev, Belarus, the upcoming collaboration between Mogilev Regional Puppet Theater and Smolensk Regional Puppet Theater should be of great interest. According to news from the city, the tow theaters are to exchange tours. Accordingly, the Smolensk theater’s upcoming play Jumping Princess will entertain Mogilev fans, while the latter theater will perform Zuza Bee in reprisal.

Minsk Airport Renovation Hits Snag

Minsk Airport

According to news from Belarus, the Minsk National Airport renovation will not be carried out by Chinese contractors as was the plan. Evidently costs differences between the Aviation Department and China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation (CPMIEC), could not be reconciled.

Minsk – Trapped in a Soviet Era

Just one of the many Lenin statues in Minsk.

Politically speaking, it may well be on the very edge of Europe, and in more ways than one given some of its government policies, yet in many other ways the mysterious land known as White Russia is an integral part of Central Europe with its rich culture and its depth of history. Belarus has had […]