Armenia Tops CIS Countries in Economic Freedom

2013 Economic Freedom Heat Map

Research recently conducted by the Heritage Foundation in the US shows the current state of economic freedom around the world. Where CIS countries are concerned, the study made several somewhat surprising findings. One such finding was the 38th position among 177 countries Armenia currently holds. This places the small republic at the top of all CIS countries.

EU & Armenia Sign Simplified Visa Agreement

EU-Armenia cooperation council meeting and the signing of the visa facilitation agreement

The European Union and Armenia have agreed to vastly simplified visa procedures for Armenians entering Schengen area countries. According to the news, some populations of Armenians will benefit from easier entrance restrictions. Armenian students, scientists, journalists, enterprenuers, and some other groups will be able to obtain visas for Schengen destinations much more easily. Foreign Minister […]

Ukraine, Armenia among Top 10 Countries to Visit in 2013

Ukraine, Crimea, Swallow's Nest

Ukraine and Armenia are the two Eastern European countries included in Globe Spots Top 10 Countries to visit in 2013. This is the fifth edition of the top which illustrated the countries that will or at least should become top tourist destinations in the next year. As Globe Spots indicated, the list is determined based […]

Armenia & Russian Agree on Cultural Cooperation


Last Friday a program of cooperation between the ministries of culture of Armenia and the Russian Federation was penned at Armenia’s Ministry of Culture in Yerevan. Armenia’s Minister of Culture, Hasmik Poghosyan (at left) and Russian Federation Minister Andrei Busygin appeared for the press at the announcement.

Places You Never Heard Of: Armenia’s Yerevan Flea Market

Yerevan and Mt. Ararat.

Armenia is one of the least understood, and most fascinating places in the world. Today we want to bring you a little piece of culture from there, a place you undoubtedly never heard of, the Yerevan Flea Market. Called Vernissage from the French meaning “varnishing” (or an art preview), this world class flea market slash swap […]