Five Russian architectural projects to blow your mind

cience and Technology Museum in Tomsk © Asadov Architectural Bureau

Culturally, Russia is one of the world’s great treasure chests of fine art of every description. Not the least of these national treasures are the country’s architectural creations. With all the conflict in our world today, it seems appropriate to remind people of beauty and progress. To this end, here are five projects that really should take your breath away.

To have, or have not & Russian Tourists in 2015


When Russia’s influence on the Ukraine government of Viktor Yanukovych got challenged by a kind of rampaging western hegemony, all Europe should have studied more closely these relationships. Now, over a year in, the 2015 summer tourist season will probably be a disaster. Regardless of who we lay the blame on for the current west-east detente disaster, […]

Merry Christmas, Mother Russia

Christmas Eve in Russia

Across Russia today orthodox Christians are celebrating their Christmas with unique cheer. January 7th, the 40 days of Lent preceding having been observed, sees the day dawn on a national holiday a glitter with celebratory cheer. Here’s wishing a Merry Christmas to all Mother Russia, and a remembrance from my fellow Americans. “Judge not, and […]

Make New Year’s memorable celebrating under the Northern Lights

Green aurora borealis over a frozen fjord© spumador

Most people spend New Year’s Eve at home, with their loved ones. But don’t you think it’s time to spice things up a bit this year? How about celebrating the coming year someplace different, like in Northern Europe for example? Countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland have the finest winter resorts and the best […]

Diipa Khosla’s fashionable Prague

Diipa in Prague

Last month Argo Travel News caught up with web celebrity and fashion model Diipa Khosla after a photo shoot with influence startup Bebang* in Prague. Diipa helped reveal for Bebang, and for brands there, the power and value of influence marketing. More importantly though, the digital call for “experience sharing” instead of broadcast advertising, catches hold.

Bulgaria’s Hidden Nature Gems: Pamporovo and Smolyan

The Stream Resort Pamporovo

Most UK ski enthusiast have heard of Bankso, one of eastern Europe’s most publicized budget ski destinations. However wonderful this relatively new resort may be, Winter treasures in neighboring Bulgarian towns, they represent timeless beauty most people in the world never heard of. It’s these sorts of places, we at Argo love to share.

Lato Boutique Hotel Announces Christmas Deals

Christmas at Lato

It’s that time of the year again, time to celebrate Christmas and to welcome the New Year in style. So why don’t you celebrate at Lato Boutique Hotel in Heraklion if you are on Crete? The hotel annouced great discounted room rates this season, authentic Cretan hospitality, quality services, functional comfort and the best festive […]

A guide to Cretan cuisine experiences

Making zucchini fritters at Vamos - courtesy the village's Facebook

The health and longevity Cretan’s are notorious for, it’s in large part due to the ideal climate and atmosphere of that island, true. However laid back and ideal Crete may be though, it’s certain the Cretan diet plays a huge role in making Zorba’s island one of the healthiest on Earth. For those who intend to visit the land of the Minoans, here’s some wonderful food and wine tours to put on your bucket list.