Grotto Homes: Romance the Cretan Way

VanGos Tsourlakis - Courtesy Jay Thomas photography

On Crete the idea of out-of-the-way places takes on new dimensions. The countryside is as pristine and wild as you can imagine. The effect of this wildness, meeting the cities by the sea, leaves visitors spellbound in a sort of landscape awe. At the civilized heart of rural Crete, a tapestry of villages dot the island like tiny gems. It is in just such a tiny town, literally hidden from view, where you will find the most romantic stay at Grotto Homes.

French Officials Caught Profiling Eastern Europeans

A Gypsy crystal ball moment - © AniriAnA -

French Police in the south of the country have been tagged with the term “racist” after local hoteliers spilled the beans hoteliers had been asked to report the arrival of Eastern Europeans. According to the news, police were trying to crack down on certain types of crime by following the movements of certain nationalities.

TripAdvisor Readers Pick Istanbul Best Travel Destination

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Istanbul was named the top destination in the world, and in Europe, ahead of Rome, London, Paris and New York and other cities at the 6th Travellers’ Choice awards for Destinations by TripAdvisor. The city received a record 39 plus million visitors in 2013, making it the sixth most visited city on Earth.