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California Fitness, Food, and Fun 2012

Fitness spas, ranches, resorts, and getaways California, all the rage these days. How come? Well, Spring and Summer in California is pretty marvelous. Hotels and other venues there wait to help guests get fit, fed, and entertained, so Argo Travel News offers this slight preview. Get ready for a piece of California for your Saturday, surf along with Argo.

California surfing

The LA Times reports on several foodie slash fun weekends including; Craft beer event June 24 at the Park Hyatt in Carlsbad, California. This food and wine event promises not only some of the most exquisite beers anywhere, but chef Pierre Albaladejo’s culinary art, plus wine tastings and more for about $65 bucks a person – visit that link to check out the full list of activities. Venturing farther afield, Fitness and California are almost synonymous.

FitExpo, coming to San Jose July 15 and 15, is a veritable wonderland of competitions, products, services, and a full contact intro to California style wellness and beyond. Bodybuilding to bikini contests and MMA live fights, if you are into fit, FitExpo is the place to be these two days. Accommodations, event calendars, and even a healthy eating segment can be found via these links. Be sure and enter the Odd Haugen’s Strength Challenge if you are so inclined. Not that extreme into sport? Just want to pig out and worry later about the abs?

  Arcata Main Street

For those of you for whom exercise and fitness is about hoisting oysters and brews, the Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, coming up on June 16, will be right up your alley. Fun, games, a beautiful setting, and a fest to beat all oyster fests, you can worry about the extra calories June 17th, this event is just plain California fun in the sun. To learn more, visit the festival’s Facebook profile here. For those who do not know, some 70 percent of California’s fresh oysters are grown naturally in Arcata Bay.

This is the oyster munching and appreciation event of the year. Also featured, 35 food vendors represented by some of Humboldt’s finest chefs, include oysters in dishes of extraordinary originality and taste. There’s also food on hand for the non-oyster lover.  And, visitors here might want to think about a wellness extravaganza to follow this food glut.

Montage Laguna Beach

Montage Laguna Beach has about as many wellness/fitness programs and proficiency as there are calories at one of the aforementioned eating events. Situated on a bluff overlooking the sea, this resort offers an interesting mix of luxury, convenience, and programmed activities. Melt away not only those extra pounds you put on, but the stress that comes from happenstance too. This month, indulge in what the spa resort calls Spring Cleaning, a detox of the mind, soul and body involving a Thalassic Beach Walk, yoga, dance fusion, MMA bootcamp, body sculpting, morning stretches, and so on. But, if you are inclined to avoid the cliche, intent on something totally “out there” entertainment and festival wise…

The Redwood Coast Belly Dance Festival, a non-profit affair presented by Shoshanna and Mosaic Productions, has all the earmarks of something energetic, sexy, and uniquely fun. Workshops, instruction, kids from 5 to eighty five can enjoy fascinating form of art and expression. Also held in Arcata, this 8th annual installment is scheduled to take place October 6 and 7 at the Arcata Community Center. Readers can find out more about how to participate and/or enjoy this wonderful regional event by visiting the official site up there, or their Facebook here. The video above via Tribal Fest is an example of what visitors can expect at Redwood. However, if it’s a combination of the relaxed luxury and fantastically different, mixed with what’s good for you…

Cabo Villas Beach Resort

A spa ritual, after a swim at the beach, before a brilliant lunch, on a perfect day at Cabo San Lucas. Cabo Villas Beach Resort earns their living serving up all the fitness, food, and fun guests can take in. Situated at the heart of everything on Medano Beach, the Cabo Villas beach Resort & Spa is a five star destination visitors will not soon forget. Venturing down South to Baja, those unfamiliar with this part of California will marvel at the beauty of the place, and then at the luxury of this resort. For today, and I mean later on Pacific time, a beach party starts at the resort at 9 AM. If you are in the area, why not investigate that bit of California fitness, food, and fun.

Meanwhile, enjoy this official video, dream of Los Cabos. Ain’t California wonderful?