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A Sunday Prayer for Bulgaria Gypsies

Travel news is usually about hitting the high spots, at least what are generally accepted as positive news of hotel openings and celebratory events seem to permeate more. This is true here at Argo Travel News too. But beach resorts and carnivals are not the only good news on Earth, or in Eastern Europe. Stories of people helping people may be the best news any outlet could carry. Today we bring you news from Blythswood Care from Bulgaria.

Blythswood News Bulgaria outreach

Blythswood News Bulgaria outreach - courtesy their news site

Times are tough around the world, but nowhere tougher than in the European Union’s poorest member state, Bulgaria. We bring resort news from Varna frequently, as well as ski stories in that season, but today’s news tell of a great organization that helps the people travel sites seldom show, those in need.

News from Blythswood Care today speaks of Bulgaria’s staggering unemployment, and of Bulgarians leaving their homes to find jobs abroad. Enter Stojan Slavchev and his wife Zhani, caring Bulgarians trying to alleviate some of the misery in the poorest sections of their communitys. Recollecting a meetup he had during a recent mission to Bulgaria, Blythwood CEO James Campbell’s helping distribute gift filled boxes to ten gypsy villages there is if anything, touching.  Stojan and Zhani, with Campbell and his wife Liz, their team, truly acted out as angels of mercy for these communities.

With limited medical care available, joblessness and hopelessness on the rise, many people in countries hit by the economic crisis go unnoticed. After all, when was the last time you read about the poor in Bulgaria?.

Let me share with you a quote from Campbell reflecting his joy at helping others:

“I’d love to share with you the excitement of a young boy, running home with his packet of toy cars held aloft; or the smile of the girl pictured here, so delighted to receive a doll.”

For those unfamiliar with the work of Blythswood, since 1966 their Christian message and help for people in need has helped many thousands. Shoeboxes of gifts for Christmas, relief and development aid as well as social projects for young and old alike, Campbell and his team deserve far more credit than they ever want or recieve.

This Argo Travel News bit is dedicated to Campbell, his team, and the tens of thousands their good works benefit. I would like to personally suggest each reader to at least visit this organizations website, and donate whatever you can. I leave you with a shoe-box appeal.