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Black Friday Traveling Companions 2012

Everyone is focused on Black Friday and holiday shopping now, so Argo decided to focus on traveling companions for your next weekend or holiday stayover. Here’s a list of some cool products and places to get them for the coming season. Buying gifts to take to the in-laws, or just in need of some travel friendly gadgets etc., there’s no sense passing up deals or coolness.

The i'm Titanium

The i'm Titanium - from just under $1000

i’m Watch

It’s not every day people who make timepieces come up with innovation. This season an Italian company called i’m Watch has come out with a gem of a wristwatch. Billed as the “world’s first real smartwatch” the little clock does a lot more than tell time. Debuted at CES in Vegas, this development mirrors WIMM Labs innovation I tested for Epoch Times. Much like WIMM, i’m is heavily focused on making the connection between apps and wearers. The short of this idea being, the community the company has built for app geniuses. But this article is about consumers and gifts, so if you want the coolest, most chic wristwatch tech for Christmas, go here. I quote their company dogma which clearly tells what these gadgets do:

“Multi-tasking, easy to use and love: touch, drag, swipe or pinch Get your intuitive interface in a complex world.”

These smart-watches are not only intelligent, they’re the most elegant and sleek such gadgets this tech hound has ever seen. What does the “top of the line” cost? The  i’m Jewel White Gold&Diamonds for the i’m jewel in yellow gold comes in at just under $20,000 dollars. But the i’m tech titanium is only $999. Why’s it good for travel? Think of all the apps!

Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard

Tiny Virtual Keyboard – Say What?

Somebody watched a lot of sci-fi when they were a kid. The people at Brookstone have come up with a keychain, keychain mind you, that projects a virtual keyboard on any flat surface. For iPad and iPhone, smart device users of any persuasion, in need of a better typing solution – well, this may be it.

The thing’s about the size of a cigarette pack, but it is powerful enough to wirelessly connect via Bluetooth technology to your various devices. If you are a writer like me, Brookstone just got some more of your money. One reason I don’t post from iPad is the keyboard is tough on my typos (which are already bad enough). For Black Friday, the normal $99 dollar price gets discounted via free shipping and a $20 certificate for future purchases.

Victorinox Mobilizer NXT 5.0 Boarding Tote

In A Word – Victorinox

Most of your reading this may not remember those hard Samsonite suitcases, you know the ones that were bigger than we were as kids. Well, those were not so utilitarian, but they did have something everybody loved – superb quality, and a lifetime guarantee. When someone mentions Victorinox, my mind turns immediately to those ultra utility pocket knives of theirs. But did you know you can buy the same utility in luggage? AND, the lifetime guarantee too!

The Mobilizer NXT 5.0 Luggage Collection is perhaps the most durable and useful luggage money can buy. Designe for endurance and the ability to withstand the most demanding of travel situations, the reader may think paying $500 or $600 dollars for a single carry is a lot, but think about something that lasts forever. For the end all big luggage need, the Victorinox Mobilizer NXT 5.0 Upright, 30″ at Macy’s Black Friday sale is almost half off the $800 price tag, on sale for $475.99. If you are on a budget, don’t stress, you can get the carry on tote (pictured) for just over $150 on sale too.

Handmade duck head umbrella from Burberry

Handmade duck head umbrella from Burberry

The Luxury of Traveling Companions

You’ve heard the old saying; “What do you get for the man who has everything?” Well, even if that “man” is you, wouldn’t it be nice to just indulge, really indulge in getting a traveling companion of some wondrous nature? Burberry carries many such wonderful products, from their legendary trench coats to – to the stylish and meticulously made duck’s head umbrella shown above.

Sure, not so many of your contemporaries would a appreciate a $950 dollar umbrella, but then once you explain about your Sartorial walking umbrella, the nature of the wooden duck head hand carved in Italy, pained by a British artist, the limited edition nature of the thing –  surely they’d understand! Okay, even if they don’t you’ll be the only one getting out of the rain in your group with a Burberry. Besides, the duck is just so cool. Don’t like ducks? There’s gold plated hounds, and super cool rams too, not to mention conventional hooks.

Burberry Ram's head umbrella