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Phil Butler

Phil ButlerPhil is editor-in-chief of Everything PR News, and senior partner at Pamil Visions PR. CEO of Argophilia the online travel development, and Co-Editor of Argophilia Travel News, Phil now enjoys engaging the world’s travel sector with the vigor of a tech guru. He’s a widely cited authority on beta startups, search engines and on public relations issues, and he has covered tech news since 2004.

Phil also contributes to The Epoch Times (print and online), Social Media Today, The Huffington Post, Travel Daily News, Eye for Travel, Tripatini, Visit Greece, and many other media publications. He formerly covered technology news for ReadWriteWeb, Mashable, Profy, SitePoint, Search Engine Journal, and AltSearchEngines.

Contact Phil:

Follow him @ Twitter: https://twitter.com/argophilia
Find him on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Argophilia
Phil’s LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/profile/view?id=10141468

Mihaela Lica Butler

Mihaela LicaMihaela is the senior partner at Pamil Visions PR and editor at Everything PR News. She is also editor of Argophilia Travel News, and COO of the Argophilia startup development. She is a widely cited authority on search engine optimization, public relations issues (BBC News, Force for Good, Reuters, Al Jazeera and others), as well as a widely traveled journalist and fusion cuisine aficionado.

With an experience of over 10 years in online PR, Mihaela writes occasionally for SitePoint, Search Engine Journal, The Epoch Times, and other online publications.

Contact Mihaela:

Follow her @ Twitter: https://twitter.com/argophilia
Find her on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Argophilia
Mig’s LinkedIn profile: http://de.linkedin.com/in/pamilvisions

Junior Authors

Miruna CorneanuMiruna Corneanu is a freelance travel writer living in Romania. She is the owner and manager of Travelaway.me, a blog about travel, passions and personal experiences and also a newly contributor for Argophilia Travel News. She is currently focusing on travel within Romania and Europe, spending a lot of her time on the road, in search of new experiences, diverse cultures and places that inspire. Find Miruna on Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn.

Liliana Dumitru-SteffensLiliana Dumitru-Steffens is public relations consultant for Pamil Visions PR. She writes for Everything PR since January 2009. Previously she worked for My-tronic GmbH and Unilever Romania. You can contact her for travel technology news, festivals and events, and hotel reviews. Email Liliana at lsteffens [at] pamil-visions [dot] net.

Cristina DraftaCristina Drafta is an Argophilia Travel News contributor, covering travel news, travel startup reviews, hospitality and gastronomy reviews and everything Spanish. Cristina has a passion for photography. You’ll find a lot of her work on display at Argophilia Travel News. If you have individual projects, you can contact her at cdrafta [at] pamil – visions [.] net

Mike WheatleyMike Wheatley is an experienced freelance blogger and copywriter from the UK. His life is one never-ending adventure, traveling and partying across the world, living it up while funding his hectic lifestyle through his work as an author and heading up Content Solutions Online. Use our contact form to send her tips, story ideas and comments for Argophilia Travel News, or contact him personally if you are looking for a skilled writer.
loreVioleta-Loredana Pascal has over 10 years of experience in PR, marketing and communication, and has been running her own PR agency, PRwave INTERNATIONAL for 7 years. She is passionate about reading, blogging and traveling – see Travel – Moments in Time. Follow her on Twitter – @violetaloredana (Romanian and English) and @TravelMoments (English only).

Delia GavrilescuDelia Gavrilescu covers travel news, resources, announcements, awards and much more. Use our contact form to send her tips, story ideas and comments.