The Bastion Tunnels: Tallinn’s Best Kept, Not-So-Secret Attraction

Tallinn's Bastion Tunnels: Image courtesy Morgennebel

Estonia’s capital city Tallinn is older than most people realize, and just like all old cities, it has more than its fair share of secrets. Alongside the distinctly medieval flavor of downtown Tallinn’s streets, stories of ghosts, hidden tunnels and buried treasures add to its air of mystery.

Germany’s Tropical Island Paradise

Exterior of Tropical Islands Resort, courtesy of gravitat-OFF

It might be bitterly cold in Northern Germany at the moment, but sun seekers still have the opportunity to escape to much warmer climes thanks to a former Soviet aircraft hangar that now serves as a tropical island retreat all-year round. Inside the MASSIVE building lies Germany’s one and only Caribbean-style resort, the aptly named Tropical Islands.

Around The World in 3 Minutes With GQ trippin

Gerard and Kieu from GQ trippin

In their quest to check out 30 must-see travel destinations before they reach the grand old age of thirty, travelling couple Gerard & Kieu stopped by twenty different countries in an epic 312-day journey, stretching more than 67,000 miles across the globe as they embarked on the adventure of a lifetime.

Touchscreen Walls Featured in Future Hotel Concept

ITH Room experience

How about this for a futuristic hotel room? The concept showcases a model room that literally comes alive at the ‘touch’ of a smartphone, with walls made almost completely out of Microsoft Surface tablets, multiple touchscreens and interactive surfaces that can be controlled via a smartphone or by touch

Poland’s Hidden Highlights: Five of the Best

Image courtesy PolandMFA

From its rolling deserts in the north, to the expansive Alpine-esque Tatra Mountains in the south, Poland is choc-a-block with magical attractions vying for your attention. Today Argophilia takes a look at some of our favorite, less well known, Polish highlights.