Croatia in the Top 10 Bikers’ Travel Destinations

Croatia. Istria. Rovinj.

Where do European bikers like to ride most? According to a top commissioned by online tyre retailer Delticom, their favorite top 10 countries include, in order: Germany, Italy, France, Austria, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland and Belgium. Exotic destinations like Chile, Ghana, Indonesia and South Africa made it also to the top, which […]

Tropical Storm IVO Watch: Rain Biggest Danger

Tropical Storm IVO

The National Hurricane Hurricane Center is predicting Tropical Storm Ivo, which formed over the Eastern Pacific on Friday, may dump record rainfall onto the American Southwest. formed Friday in the eastern Pacific Ocean, the National Hurricane Center reported. Boasting wind speeds in excess of 45 miles per hour as of last evening, Ivo is moving […]

Last Minute Hotel Deals this Labor Day Weekend

hotelscom® offers an enticing Labor Day Sale, with the opportunity for savings of up to 30 percent on hotel stays over the holiday weekend, the company announced. Taylor Cole, APR, travel expert for said that many luxury resorts offer excellent deals this Labor Day Weekend, and explained how to find them: “One great option […]

New Resource for Travel Industry Professionals: TripAdvisor Insights

TripAdvisor Insights

In an effort to become more relevant for travel industry professionals, TripAdvisor launched TripAdvisor Insights, a resource of industry-related news and tutorials, that will offer: Tip sheets, guides, webinars and videos from TripAdvisor insiders Online marketing guidance from hospitality marketing experts The latest research from the Cornell Hospitality Research Center Survey results on hot topics […]

Dear Traveler, How is Your Identity These Days?


You are probably familiar with how to protect yourself from identity theft at home. Secure your wireless networks, shred important documents, avoid giving out personal information online – taking these steps helps shield your information from prying eyes. ProtectMyID points out what you may not realize, though, is that you must practice equal if not greater vigilance with your information when you travel. Fortunately, you can minimize your vulnerability by observing five important tips.

CityPASS Deals for Fall Vacationers

CityPASS landing page

With back-to-school just around the corner, the ads on TV do as much to signal the coming of Fall as any barometric changes. For travelers who still want to get in their vacations though, the shorter lines and smaller crowds of Fall spell a special kind of value. To save time and money, the CityPASS® program is full of ticket booklets and admission cards for prepaid admission at huge discounts.

Stone Fairy Tale Comes to Mogilev

Mogilev City Hall

Coming to Mogilev, Belarus the “Kamennaya Skazka” (“Stone Fairy Tale”) reveals artists and architects from six countries to a themed event beginning May 3o. World. Beauty. Harmony. This year’s event will also feature representatives from Mogilev’s twin cities of Yekaterinburg and Syktyvkar.

Croatia Airlines Strike Partially Over: Planes Almost Aloft

Croatia Airlines

On Tuesday Croatia Airlines management and the CA pilots’ union mutually agreed on a collective agreement dispute we previously reported on. While pilots may now go back to flying, the airline authorities and flight attendants still are at odds over their issues. The bottom line is, Croatia Airlines has fliers now, but no support on board for passengers, planes will probably remain grounded.