Argophilia Travel News was started October 1st 2010, but it was planned out in Romania, one year before, by Mihaela and Phil Butler, who spent there a cold December, by the warm fire of a romantic cottage in the Carpathians. It’s a site for people with a passion for travel, for people who love travel above everything else, and especially, for people who like going off-the-beaten path to discover lesser known destinations.

Frustrated by the absence of a publication exclusively dedicated to the part of the world known as Eastern Europe, the couple decided to create a startup that would bring this part of the world under the spotlights and to produce an online magazine packed with news from the area to support it. Thus Argophilia and Argophilia Travel News were first planned, then born somewhere in Germany, where the couple currently resides.

The beginning was modest, two people, one dream. Fortunately the dream was soon embraced by other enthusiasts: Alex Cristache, who created Argophilia’s breathtaking image and identity; Alina Popescu, who offered her PR expertise, and the writing skills that power her own TravelTweaks, and Ryan Cox, whose passion for travel made him a powerful ambassador. These are Argophilia’s co-founders, the people who bring Eastern Europe closer to your hearts.

And this is just our humble beginning.