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A view of the Admiralty

5 Perfect Anniversary Destinations for Fall

It’s time for that anniversary. You’ve thought about places to go for weeks and months. Special places like London, Paris, Shanghai, even Bali. But those places are become cliche, now haven’t they? Just what sort of place is special enough in the Fall?

Eastern Europe

Islam invades Spain

A Look at Crimea and Ukraine in a European Time Capsule

To better understand eastern Europe, one has to understand how the whole continent of Europe developed over the centuries. As the world watches events in Crimea and Ukraine develop today, it’s important that we understand the nature of conflict and society, and of borders.

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Aeroflot budget carrier

EU Sanctions Can’t Keep Aeroflot’s Budget Airline Down

Apparently western sanctions can’t keep a Russian airline giant down. Aeroflot’s being forced to ground fledgling budget airline Dobrolyot over EU sanctions disrupting aircraft leases may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Russia’s biggest airline.

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Motel One

Motel One Expands Europe Footprint

German budget hotel group Motel One has just released its 2014 half year performance results. The hotel group, which has grown to offer more than 50 hotels in 4 countries, also reached €114 million euro in sales versus €95 million in the previous year.
The group also reported on four new hotels and occupancy rates in excess of 72% across their prope

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